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"First rate... a visual marvel." - The New York Times

"An incredibly imaginative creation... every megabyte of my imagination was engaged." - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Such a combination of musical and technical forces presented all the challenge of a three-dimensional chess game, yet was carried off with the precision of a Swiss watch." - Sarasota Observer

"Striking, terrifying, and crucial to the story." - Theatre is Easy

"Grant McDonald's video design provides what may be the most beautiful cascade of images I've seen at this theatre... a good sign for (3LD)." - Lighting and Sound America

"I have to admit, the holograms that appeared in the center of the floor at 3LD Art and Technology Center last night, on the opening night of Deepest Man, were spectacular. Grant McDonald crafted holographic stacks of monitors, divers, floating women, and blazing images of Dr. Hazzardville Sommers... It was a visual experience I won’t forget anytime soon." - NY Theatre Now

"Impossible-to-believe visuals." - TDF Stages: A Theatre Magazine

"The use of technology alone would bring us back to this theater — the striking visuals kept us submerged in the show — from the water-filled stage walls to the tower of TVs, the 3D imagery was both beautiful and innovative." - Manhattan with a Twist

"A hallucinogenic multimedia mélange highlighted by stunning holographic projections." - Time Out NY

"The technological and artistic finesse transcends the capabilities of most independent and commercial theatre... The technology inspires awe, yet never upstages the story... The harmony between this story’s literary insight and (Grant McDonald's) performative vision shows a true commitment to abstract theatre and the cutting edge of media technology. " - New York Theatre Review

"Outstanding." - The Times Herald Record

Integrated designs for Ethel+ | OZ Nashville

"Projection design the way it should be used... as part of the fabric of the show." - The Faster Times

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